At Sunrise Credit Union, we are proud to offer a variety of commercial business services tailored to the specific needs of the agricultural and business community in Southern Manitoba.

Business Line of Credit

A business line means ready cash when you need it.  With a competitive rate and easy access, you can make sound decisions for your business any time you want.

Term Loans

Renovating? Leasehold improvements? Fleet upgrades? Our commercial specialists can discuss how you can make good business decisions at the lowest cost to you.

Business Mastercard

Our convenient and flexible Mastercard is accepted world-wide. And because we are a credit union, you can be sure we offer competitive rates.

Ag Specialists

Our agricultural lenders come from a farm background themselves. They understand and can discuss equipment loans, livestock loans, expansion mortgages, consolidation loans and leasing. Come in and talk to us. We promise we'll be listening.

Commercial Mortgages

Outgrown your current facility? Or looking to purchase a place of your own? Owning your own building often makes good long-term financial sense. We offer fixed and variable rate mortgages on commercial properties.

Commercial Leasing

Through our partnership with Concentra Financial, we offer commercial leasing for vehicles, facilities, warehouses, agricultural machinery and more.  Our business and agribusiness specialists have the experience and knowledge of local markets to be a true financial partner in your business.