Deposit Anywhere

The summer of 2020 saw your mobile banking experience enhanced with an update that improved the Deposit Anywhere™ user experience and functionality with MiSnap™.

The MiSnap technology will improve speed, reliability, and clarity of deposits through Deposit Anywhere on the Sunrise Credit Union Mobile App. Instead of centring the cheque and tapping, the software uses the phone's video camera to determine when it is centred and automatically captures it. Tapping, which can distort the image, is not required to take a picture, and the taking of a picture won't occur unless the cheque is in the correct spot. This update should result in significantly fewer instances where the retaking of a picture is required.

The MiSnap release also fixes the issue with Android Pixel's Soft Home Button. When Google launched Android™​ 10, Android Pixel's soft home button caused a problem with Deposit Anywhere due to the location of the capture button. The MiSnap upgrade eliminates this issue, and the workaround that has been in place since September 2019 is no longer required.

Note: The first time you log in after updating to the new version, you will be required to recreate your saved profile and reenter your login information.

Deposit Anywhere

Depositing Cheques is a Snap

With Deposit Anywhere, you can quickly and securely deposit cheques with your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere, day or night.

So whether you’re at coffee with friends, at work, or staying up late to get your banking done - any time is the right time to deposit cheques.

Here's how it works:

  1. Open the Sunrise Mobile App on your mobile device.
  2. Select your account and enter the amount.
  3. Snap a photo of the front and back of your cheque.
  4. Confirm the details and tamp 'submit'.

Free, Fast & Secure

Deposit Anywhere is a free service and just as secure as depositing your cheque at a branch. Plus, it’s fast. Most people complete their deposit in less than a minute and can do it from anywhere and at any time.