Term Deposits

A Term Deposit gives you a competitive return and the flexibility to still acess your money after the term is over. It is a win-win.

All deposits and interest are 100% guaranteed without limit through the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

Term deposits offer guaranteed growth on your investment over a specified period. There can be redeemable and non-redeemable terms. Redeemable terms provide a secure investment with the flexibility to cash in your deposit and move your investments around. You can receive interest annually, monthly, or at maturity based on your term deposit type and time horizon.

Short-term deposits offer flexibility but often have a slightly lower rate of return. 

Long-term deposits guarantee a set return on your money over a fixed period and are ideal for long-term savings goals.

At Sunrise Credit Union, we offer term deposits which allow you to set money aside in savings for as little as 30 days to as long as five years, or somewhere in between, depending on your savings goals.

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