Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values


We are a member owned community focused organization dedicated to providing personalized competitive financial services to benefit our members and communities.


To provide full services; pursue community growth; and assist youth, members, and others in achieving goals and dreams through innovation, flexibility and leadership.


At Sunrise Credit Union, we believe that we can best serve our members, our employees, our partners and our community by practicing these values:

in-teg-ri-ty. Be honest. hon-es-ty. Be fair and truthful. co-op-er-a-tive phi-los-o-phy. Assist one another in working towards common goals. re-spect. Appreciate the abilities, qualities and achievements of others. fair-ness. Maintain freedom from bias. em-pa-thy. Understand the feelings of others. trust. Believe in the reliability, truth, ability and strength of others. loy-al-ty. Feel allegiance to those we're working with. cour-age. Face difficult situations without fear. op-ti-mism. Maintain confidence about the successful outcome of the future.