Waskada Branch

Waskada is an agricultural and oil town in the Municipality of Brenda-Waskada in the extreme southwest corner of Manitoba. It is approximately 11 kilometres from the United States border and 47 kilometres east of the Saskatchewan border.

A local post office was established in the Waskada area in 1883. There are different theories on the origin of the name Waskada, one being an Aboriginal word meaning "best of everything." Another stated it came from a Sioux expression "wa-sta-daow," meaning "better further on."

The community lies within the Lower Amaranth oil deposit. Oil was first discovered in Waskada in the 1960s, and oil booms in the 1980s and 2010s brought positive benefits to the community.

The community includes the Waskada Museum and Blacksmith Shop, Waskada Memorial Park, and the Waskada campground.

A monthly newsletter, the Border Post, serves the community and is produced by the local municipality.

The Waskada branch of Virden Credit Union Ltd. opened June 5, 1993. It became part of Sunrise Credit Union when Virden Credit Union Ltd. amalgamated with four other credit unions on October 1, 2008. On March 4, 2013, Sunrise opened the doors to a new facility with increased space and services for our members in the Waskada area.

Members (as of the end of 2022): 665

Staff (as of the end of 2022): 4

Branch Manager: Tanis Bennie