Melita Branch

Melita is in the southwestern corner of Manitoba, approximately 130 kilometres southwest of Brandon. It is in the Rural Municipality of Arthur and occupies a bend of the Souris River.

Early inhabitants chose the name Melita for the town after hearing a bible passage (Acts 28:1) about St. Paul’s shipwreck on the island of Malta (Melita is an older name for the island).

Melita is known as the “Grasslands Bird Capital of Manitoba.” Bird watchers from all over North America and Europe come to Melita to view many rare prairie species, including the Ferruginous Hawk, the Burrowing Owl, the Loggerhead Strike and the Baird’s Sparrow.

Melita and is located in Manitoba’s banana belt and boasts an aquatic centre, an arena, a golf course and the community hosts the annual Banana Days celebration every August.

Sunny the Banana with Sunny the Sunrise CU mascot
Evidence of First Nations habitation in the area includes the Brockinton Archaeological Site and the Linear Mounds Archaeological Site. The sites are designated National Historical Sites of Canada. They are both located just a few kilometres from the town.

Betty Fox, cancer research activist and mother of Terry Fox, was raised in Melita.

Melita Credit Union was incorporated in 1966 and merged with Virden Credit Union Ltd. in 1971. It became part of Sunrise Credit Union when Virden Credit Union Ltd. amalgamated with four other credit unions on October 1, 2008.

Members (as of the end of 2022): 2,357

Staff (as of the end of 2022): 17

Branch Manager: Carolyn Arndt