Deloraine Branch

Deloraine is situated near the Turtle Mountains in the southwestern corner of Manitoba, approximately 110 kilometres southwest of Brandon.

Lakes and hills in the area offer plenty of recreational opportunities for all seasons in the Deloraine area. Turtle Mountain Provincial Park and Lake Metigoshe are approximately 35 kilometres south of Deloraine along the Canada-United States border.

Deloraine has a storied history. It was, at one time, home to the only coal mine in Manitoba. It operated from the 1880s until the Great Depression of the 1930s. Deloraine is also home to one of only two stone bank vaults in western Canada, and artifacts from the Paleo Indians dating back more than 10,000 years ago have been found in the Deloraine area.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Deloraine is a park in the centre of town. The park includes a brick wall façade, paved walking paths and hosts more than 200 flags, representing 193 nations from around the world plus the 13 provincial and territorial flags of Canada.

Sunrise Credit Union is proud to have served the Deloraine area since 1940, first as the Turtle Mountain Credit Union, then as Sunrise Credit Union after the merger on October 1, 2008.

Members (as of the end of 2022): 1,252

Staff (as of the end of 2022): 7

Branch Manager: Bevan Kliever